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At Teradyne Infotech, we are a Tier 1 technology staffing and solutions firm offering on-demand access to exceptional talent. We supply consultants to many of the world's largest IT organizations for projects ranging from ERP and CRM to e-commerce, security and other network and enterprise application initiatives.

Effective IT Staffing is about matching your productive capacity to your workload. Teradyne Infotech gives technology leaders the flexibility they need to adapt to constantly changing market conditions.

Exceptional Talent. Progressive Solutions.
At Teradyne Infotech, we`ve worked with some of the world`s largest corporations to provide strategic IT initiatives and innovative solutions.
Complete Project Outsourcing
In additional to supplying qualified IT consultants for in house projects, Teradyne Infotech has the ability to fully manage a variety of outsourced IT initiatives.

Interested in new opportunities?
When joining Teradyne Infotech as a consultant, you`re not just signing on for a job, you`re joining a community.